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Regulation & Submission

  • Application Dates : June 18(Mon.) – July 6(Fri.), 2018 18:00 KST
  • To Apply :

    1. Click to our Application site on the Docs Port Incheon website
    2. Fill out the online application form
    3. Submit and attach your documents including the required document of your project proposal with the budget statement

  • Contact : Project Team of Docs Port Incheon +82-70-4488-5491 /
    • ※ Please contact us via phone or email. We do not accept any visit inquiries.
    • ※ One project cannot be applied to the different sections. Your multiple projects can be applied for one section or the different sections.
    • ※ Web page errors can occur when the submission deadline is imminent. Please be sure to submit within the submission period. Also, please contact us in case of web page error related to submission during the application period.
    All about Docs Port Incheon! FAQ
  • K-pitchKorean Project Pitch

    only for Korean projects

    • · Korean feature documentary projects aiming at theatrical releasing or TV broadcasting
    • · Documentary projects on the proposal stage or under 70 percent completed of the production process
    • · Directors, production companies or producers holding copyright
    • · Korean nationality holders or overseas Koreans
    • · Online Application form (necessary in English)
    • · Project Proposal (Including treatment, budget statement and others)
    • · Trailer (If applicable)
  • A-pitchAsian Project Pitch

    excluding Korean projects

    • · Documentary projects by directors or producers with Asian nationalities excluding Korean (See the Asian regional countries in our Terms and Conditions for the application)
    • · Feature projects over 50 minutes in the stage of pre-production or production
    • · International co-production projects with over 30 percent of Asian regional finance
    • · Online Application form (necessary in English)
    • · Project Proposal (Including treatment, budget statement and others)
    • · Trailer with the English subtitles
  • Rough Cut Sales 
    • · Korean feature documentaries in post-production or in the final stage of completion
    • · Asian documentaries that has ever participated in Docs Port Incheon
    • · Documentaries that has not been released or broadcasted
    • · Online application form (necessary in English)
    • · Project proposal (including treatment, budget statement and others)
    • · Over 30-minute rough cut or a completed film