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The Most Beautiful Boy in the World

  • Production Country : Sweden
  • Category : Etc(Cultural human interest)
  • Original Language : Swedish, English
  • Format : Etc(Cinema / TV Version)
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 08/2018~04/2019
  • Number of Episodes : 90min * 1episodes , 52min * 1episodes
Log Line

How the legendary film Death in Venice became the kiss of death for “The most beautiful boy in the world.”


This film is about actor and musician Björn Andrésen, and how the role he played as a teenager in Death in Venice has cast a shadow over his life. Today Björn is 62, trying to understand the emptiness he feels. He's had a life people dream of, but it didn't bring him happiness. The Most Beautiful Boy in the World is about beauty, spellbinding and destructive, about surface and depth, about being raised in the spotlight from a young age, and about a person's struggle to understand his story.
We follow Björn's life today. We share his loneliness, his relationship, his perpetual drinking and his injured hands preventing him from following his musical passion. He shares his experiences of sexual objectification in the eyes of men and women. We follow him into his past. To Japan, where he was the first western icon, remaining one today; to the Bohemian Paris of his mother, trying to understand why she took her life when he was 10; and to Copenhagen, where he attempts to unravel the mystery of who his father is. This is a deeply personal and cinematic film about a person reconciling his past and taking control of his life.

Production Category

Independent project commissioned/pre-bought by or co-produced with international broadcaster(s)

Director / Producer
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    Kristian Petri / Kristina Lindström(Director)

    Kristian Petri is a filmmaker, writer, and culture journalist with a distinct voice, working with both fiction and non-fiction media. Petri won Best Direction at the Guldbagge Awards for his first feature film, BETWEEN SUMMERS(1995), which was selected for the prestigious Quinzaine des Realisateurs at Cannes. Many of his films, including THE WELL (2005), DETAILS(2003), and TOKYO NOISE(2002) have been critically celebrated, nominated, and received a number of national and international awards.

    Kristina Lindström is a filmmaker, journalist, and author. She has directed highly acclaimed documentaries about some of Sweden’s most famous names, including ASTRID(2014) and PALME(with Maud Nycander, 2012). She has worked at SVT as a producer, project manager, and filmmaker. Among others, Lindström has been the awarded the Linné Prize, Kristallen, Stockholm’s Culture Prize, and the Ikaros.

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    Stina Gardell(Producer)

    Stina Gardell is a director and producer of documentary film. In 2005, she began Mantaray Film and has received a number of prestigious film awards. Her films SILVANA(2017) and THE NUN(2007) won the Guldbagge for Best Documentary. Her film, INGRID BERGMAN – IN HER OWN WORDS premiered in Cannes and received a Golden Eye Special Mention. She was awarded Best Documentary at Prix Italia for THE NUN(2007) and for HE THINKS HE’S THE BEST(2012).

Production Company
  • Name : Mantaray Film

    Contact : +4686404345 /