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  • Production Country : Denmark
  • Category : Social·political, Environment, Art&Culture
  • Original Language : English, Spanish, Swedish
  • Format : 4K and more
  • Production Status : Pre-Production
  • Production Schedule : 03/2019~01/2020
  • Number of Episodes : 75min * 1episodes
Log Line

RESORTS - Meet the tourists who never returned from holiday


RESORTS is a visually stunning documentary that explores the human need for escapism within an unnamed and allegorical holiday resort. Set against the perfect backdrop of neon lights, sunglittering swimming pools and palm trees, we get an intimate rendezvous with the tourists who chose to stay or who got permanently stuck on holiday as well as a fresh pin on the theme of globalization.
RESORTS is a hyper aesthetic essayistic film on humans as a species – as if an alien landed on the beach and pointed the lens to the suntanned bodies, the behaviors and relationships, when the tourists lay roasting in the sun, get drunk at night or swim in the waves.
RESORTS ask: “How do the tourists act at the different, classical tourist destinations where they seem more occupied by taking creative selfies, than, looking around?“ And “What does it mean to escape your designated role in life and leave you loved ones behind?“ In observational, anthropological footage shot in open areas of the multiple resorts, the line between the private and public gets blurred and the audience get an untamed, raw and intimate look into human behaviour of escapism.

Production Category

Independent project not yet commissioned

Director / Producer
  • mette_carla_Albrechtsen_Director.jpg
    Mette Carla Toft Albrechtsen(Director)

    Director Mette Carla works as a Director and Creative Writer. She has a strong visual profile as well as conceptual approach to cinema and fearlessly engages in portraying even difficult and taboo subjects. For the project Venus, a feature length film co-directed with Lea Glob, they won the Nordic Talent main pitch award of 32,000€. The film was nominated for the IDFA First appearance Award, Dragon Award at Gothenburg Film Festival and won the IndieLisboa Audience Award 2017.

  • Rikke Tambo Andersen_producer.jpg
    Rikke Tambo Andersen(Producer)

    Producer Rikke Tambo Andersen has been working at Bullitt Film as a producer since 2009 and established Tambo Film in 2017. Rikke has a big passion for strong and relevant stories, but also for experimenting with the film language, and styles. Rikke holds a BA in Film and Media Studies and MA in Management of Creative Business Processes as well as graduating from the independent National Film School Super16 as a producer. In 2016 she was selected as one of Emerging producers at Jihlava Documentary Film Festival, and in 2018 she was selected for EAVE producers workshop.

Production Company
  • Name : Bullitt Film

    Contact : 0045 40373031 /