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Shadow Flowers

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : Ethnography, Social·political
  • Original Language : Korean
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production (90%)
  • Production Schedule : 05/2015~06/2019
  • Number of Episodes : 80min * 1episodes
Log Line

A North Korean woman was forced to be a South Korean and her struggle to return to North Korea continues.


KIM Ryen-hi's improbable story began as she had her first trip abroad in 2011. She was deceived by a broker in China who said he could smuggle her into the South, where she could make a lot of money in a few months and return to China. But as soon as she arrived in South Korea, they forced her to sign a document agreeing to become a law-abiding citizen of the South. Keeping her under surveillance, the South Korean government refuses to give her a passport. She has been seeking a way to return to her family. But the South Korean government has announced she cannot return since South Korean law does not allow its citizen to be a North Korean. It has been 7 years in the South. As her time in the South gets longer, she gets more anxious. She feels like she has lost her universe. She is scared that everyday that she stays in the South, the people she loves get farther and farther away from her. She fears that she might become someone like a shadow to her family. A person who exists only in their memories…

Director / Producer
  • YI Seung-Jun.jpg
    Yi Seung-jun(Director)

    Born in 1971, YI Seung-jun is the multi-awards-winning director of Planet of Snail(Best Feature Documentary Award, IDFA 2011) and Wind on the Moon(IDFA 2014). His recent film Crossing Beyond (the Official 2018 Winter Olympics Film) was invited to the BIFF and the Tokyo Int’l Film Festival. He is also the director of In the Absence was invited to the DOC NYC 2018, Short Documentary Competition.

  • Gary Kam.jpg
    Gary Byung-seok KAM(Producer)

    Gary produced a multi-awards winning documentaries including Planet of Snail(2011), Breathing Underwater(2016). His recent film Crossing Beyond(the Official 2018 Winter Olympics Film / Directed by YI Seung-jun) was invited to the BIFF and the Tokyo Int’l Film Festival. While producing In the Absence(DOC NYC 2018, Short Documentary Competition), Shadow Flowers, and Touch the Colour, he is directing his first feature length film On High Ice. He also tutors at various documentary forums in Asia.