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Little Girl Blue

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : Ethnography
  • Original Language : Korean
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Post-Production (80%)
  • Production Schedule : 02/2016~02/2019
  • Number of Episodes : 98min * 1episodes
Log Line

This is the story of a guitarist with an intellectual disability. It demonstrates her social and musical growth.


People describe her as this : a guitarist who conveys dreams and hopes.

Ji-hee is an artist that overcame intellectual disability through music, however she cannot pursue her passion for guitar without the help of her mother. Her guitar skills improved and she dreamed of becoming a world-class guitarist. Her disease hinders her ability to create and it will be with her forever. But she is challenging herself to become a world-class musician. Instead of running away from her difficulties, she learns to saturate her life with music. Thus, Ji-hee's music, struggles and life unite into one.

Director / Producer
  • LittleGirlBlue_director_HYUNJINSIK.jpg
    HYUN Jin-sik(Director)

    Director HYUN Jin-sik, who started his career with music video directing, is a multiplayer—a documentary director, a musician, and a photographer. Through the lens of an expert on the arts, he is making relentless efforts to deliver the diverse facets of society. In 2016, the first screening of his film Windy Coffee Road took place at the DMZ Docs. He is currently working on Little Girl Blue, a film about the musical and social growth of a young female guitarist with intellectual disability and Frame, a film covering the frame war of photographers who are against authority.

  • LittleGirlBlue_producer_KIMSOHYE.jpg
    Kim So-hye(Producer)

    Representative and producer of documentary production company SEESAW.
    She made Windy Coffee Road and released it to DMZ Docs in 2016, and is currently producing Little Girl Blue and Frame.

Production Company
  • Name : SEESAW

    Contact : +82 10 2699 2709 /