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Press Play

  • Production Country : Philippines
  • Category : Social·political
  • Original Language : Filipino, English
  • Format : 4K and more
  • Production Status : Pre-Production
  • Production Schedule : 08/2018~09/2019
  • Number of Episodes : 75min * 1episodes
Log Line

Two best friends turn into rivals as they come face to face with the lost video recordings of the Marcos family.


Along with the rise of strongman Rodrigo Duterte as president, the last Philippine general elections saw the renaissance of the Marcos family in the national scene. Despite lack of sincere apologies for the atrocities they committed, they worked double time and reportedly spent large amount of resources to rebrand their family’s legacy in Philippne history. And with the current “Marcos-friendly” political environment, there is a constant fear for the possible return of the Marcoses in the highest political throne.
Young Filipinos, like Harrold Toledana, who did not witness abuses during Martial Law or the popular revolt that overthrew the dictator are the most vulnerable to historical revisionism aided by fake news and sheer ignorance. He also subscribes to the propaganda and even posted in social media that the former dictator was “the best president” and “Martial Law did great for the country”
The job of this documentary is to resurrect, to try and present a high-level or deep dive view of the Marcos years that might have been overlooked, forgotten or not understood at a time, by exposing the lost and forgotten tapes left by the Marcoses in 1986. It showcases their family’s extravagant lifestyle, while millions of Filipinos were living under the threshold of poverty and fear – images that were not shown under the strict government control during Martial Law.
How can we cure a country that has befallen into a nationwide amnesia? Press play and watch.

Director / Producer
  • Director_Jayson.jpg
    Jayson Bernard Santos(Director)

    Jayson Bernard Santos is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker from Manila whose documentaries were awarded with the Amade Prize from the Golden Nymph Awards of the Monte Carlo TV Festival, the UNICEF Child Rights Award, New York Festivals, World TV Award for Best Documentary, Japan Prize, among many others.

  • Producer-Kristoffer.jpg
    Kristoffer Brugada(Producer)

    Kristoffer Brugada is a documentary and fiction filmmaker whose works have won at the New York Festivals, Japan Prize for TV, and the Peabody Award for their film Ambulance-on-Foot.

Production Company
  • Name : Lolo's Boy Productions

    Contact : +639063411603 /