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  • Production Country : Taiwan
  • Category : Etc(Creative documentary)
  • Original Language : Mandarin Chinese,French, English
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Pre-Production
  • Production Schedule : 11/2018~12/2022
  • Number of Episodes : 70min * 1episodes
Log Line

A wild soul who wanders around with a broken heart and resists to grow up, is now being transformed by her own daughter.


XiXi(29) is a wild street performer who wanders around in Europe in search for love and freedom. XiXi’s only gravity is her daughter Nina(7) who lives in France with her ex-husband. Nina is turning into a teenager and demands more love and guidance from XiXi. Forced to come to terms with her role as a mother and all the realities after divorce, XiXi announces her business plan in order to make a change and become financially independent. Simultaneously she confesses her inner pain and fear to her camera instinctively. The mother and the daughter meet every weekend and are changing each other’s life through time…

Director / Producer
  • Director_Fan Wu.jpg
    Fan WU(Director)

    Fan WU is a Taiwanese independent filmmaker. Her previous directorial works can be seen in galleries, festivals and TV. In 2018, her co-writing project Under the Stars won the IDFA Award in DocsByTheSea 2018, Indonesia.
    Fan received her MA in documentary directing from DocNomads (Portugal, Hungary, Belgium) and BA in Sociology from National Taiwan University. She also has backgrounds in literature and anthropology.

    Spending childhood with her big extended Taiwanese family in a small house, she learned the complexity of human relationships. The challenge and beauty of coexistence has become her core interests when making films.

  • Producer_VENICE_ATIENZA.jpg
    Venice Atienza(Producer)

    Venice is a Filipino documentary filmmaker and photographer. Since childhood, stories have been a way for her to encounter life. From those told by grandmother about their province of origin to the ones by the people she meets and eventually films, the spoken words, and shared images builds bridges for her to the world of others. After graduating from the University of the Philippines in 2012, she worked as an associate producer at National Geographic Philippines mini series. She then became a photographer for the World Health Organisation on the effects of typhoon Haiyan in the provinces of Eastern Samar and Leyte. In 2015, she was granted a scholarship for the Erasmus Mundus Program - “DocNomads”. Afterwards she completed an internship with Terratreme Filmes, Portugal — on film distribution. She is currently working on her short film entitled Under the Stars which was developed during the south east asian short film program of the the Tribeca Film Institute called If/Then. The film was selected to be part of DocsByTheSea 2018 where it won the IDFA Prize for most promising film.