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  • Production Country : Bhutan
  • Category : Social·political
  • Original Language : Dzongkha
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 03/2018~07/2019
  • Number of Episodes : 70min * 1episodes
Log Line

Until recently a monarchy, Bhutan is trying to come to terms with democracy, through one of her first women candidates.


In a remote Bhutanese village situated next to the Tibetan border, local villagers gather to witness a woman politician campaign for the first time. Lily(45) has had to walk for 2 days, crossing several valleys and mountains to reach this little village of just 300 people situated at 14000 feet. The villagers here have lived in a patriarchal monarchy most of their lives witnessing only 2 elections prior to this. These nomadic Yak herders hardly receive any visitors except during election campaigns like this. As Lily prepares to deliver her campaign speech to a bemused crowd unsure about the whole purpose, she needs to be able to put across 2 important messages. One explaining democracy and the other that a woman can lead and represent them. This film will intimately follow Lily Wangchuk(45) for a year as she dares to take up the daunting task of running for an election in a country still driven by traditional gender roles. Through Lily, this film questions whether democracy is the best form of government for a group of people content with its monarchial past.

Director / Producer
  • Director_Arun Bhattarai.jpg
    Arun Bhattarai(Director)

    Arun Bhattarai graduated from the first edition of Docnomads Joint Masters for which he was awarded a full Erasmus Mundus scholarship in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. Prior to this he was working at the Bhutan Broadcasting Service(BBS) as a TV director for youth documentaries and TV programs for more than 5 years. He developed his first feature-length documentary The Next Guardian on several international workshops: IDFAcademy Summer School, Dare to Dream, TokyoDocs, AIDC. The film was supported by the IDFA Bertha Fund and was screened at IDFA in the First Appearance Competition in 2017. It went on to screen at many international film festivals such as San Francisco International Film Festival and True/False Film Festival, USA, among others. Currently he is working on his second feature-length documentary Kelden supported by The Asia Pitch 2016 and will be screened in KBS Korea and NHK Japan.

  • Producer_Suraj Bhattarai.jpg
    Suraj Bhattarai(Producer)

    Suraj Graduated from Leiden University, the Netherlands, in the field of Business & Management in 2017 for which he was awarded a full Netherlands Fellowship Programme(NFP) scholarship by the Dutch government. He started his own production house, Sound Pictures along with his elder brother, Arun Bhattarai in 2015. He produced his first film through Sound Pictures in 2015, a short documentary, Ashish and the Dogs. In the same year he produced another short documentary, Dream Beats. These films were aired in BBS, the national television station of Bhutan. He is currently working as a production manager for Kelden a feature length documentary supported by the Asia Pitch. He is also taking care of the distribution of, The Next Guardian, a Feature length documentary that featured in IDFA, 2017 under first appearance competition. Lily is the first feature length documentary he is going to produce.

Production Company
  • Name : Sound Pictures

    Contact : 0097517692351 /