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Where is KIM?

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : Ethnography, History
  • Original Language : Korean
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Pre-Production
  • Production Schedule : 05/2018~09/2020
  • Number of Episodes : 70min * 1episodes , 50min * 1episodes
Log Line

KIM Chai-pill who participated in the Korean war as a North Korean People’s Army saves the injured American troop Millar.


In 1951, at the height of the Korean War, KIM Chai-pill from the North Korean People’s Army finds an injured American pilot named Miller. KIM Chai-pill saves Miller’s life, and then they both get rescued by the US troops. Severely injured Miller is taken back to the States, and later when he has a daughter, he names her Kim. KIM Chai-pill who was clad in North Korean military uniform at the time of his rescue, was sent to the Geojedo POW camp. In the final days of the war, Miller searches for KIM Chai-pill and the two get in touch again. The two exchange letters and build a friendship. After some 70 years, Miller’s daughter Kim travels to Korea to seek the history behind her name and meets KIM Chai-pill’s daughter, Ok-bin.

Director / Producer
  • JUNG Su-eun.jpg
    JUNG Su-eun(Director)

    JUNG Su-eun majored documentaries at the School of Film, Tv & Multimedia of Korea National University of Arts. She directed several documentaries: Hidden Pictures(2012), Zobeide(2013) which are short films; One Warm Spring Day (2016), which is the first feature film. One Warm Spring Day was screened as the opening film of the 8th DMZ Docs. She also produced documentaries: Dangsan(2017), which is directed by KIM Geon-hee.

  • KIM Sang-kyu.jpg
    KIM Sang-kyu(Producer)

    Sangkyu Kim has mainly worked on communicating with the public with short and medium-length online videos and made "The Truth Shall Not Sink"(2014), which is based on the suspicion of the Sewol ferry disaster. "To Kill Alice" is his first feature documentary film.