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Areum Married

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : Social·political, Etc(Woman)
  • Original Language : Korean, French
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 05/2016 ~ 10/2018
  • Number of Episodes : 70min * 1episodes , 60min * 1episodes
Log Line

PARKKANG Areum’s marriage adventure story. I’ve discovered a desire in me for a normal family. Even when I’m away from Korea, I’m still bound by the marriage institution and patriarchy. What is marriage?


Film director Areum makes an autobiographical documentary Areum, which helps her overcome her obsession with her outer appearance and see herself in a positive light. She then meets Seong-man and gets married. Hoping to become a good daughter-in-law, she moves in with Seong-man’s parents and lives with them for the next two years. When Areum decides to study abroad in France with all the money she’s saved, Seong-man accompanies her. Once in France however, Seong-man feels depressed that the only thing he is capable of is doing housework. As Areum’s unexpected pregnancy puts them under further economic strain, the couple runs into conflict. Areum comes up with an idea for a home restaurant called ‘Oegil Restaurant’ and hopes that this will empower Seong-man. The project takes off, but as their economic hardship worsens after the arrival of their baby, so does the tension between the two. Seong-man grows more and more depressed until one day he declares a strike.

Director / Producer
  • PARKKANG A-reum.jpg
    PARKKANG A-reum(Director)

    PARKKANG A-reum has been making films continually since she made a film to criticize the church at the age of 15 (the film was screened in a church!). A-reum studied film at Cheongju University and in the Graduate of Communication and Arts at Yonsei University School. Her first feature film, Areum(2016), was invited to the First Appearance Competition in International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. In 2015, A-reum moved to France. Now, she is studying feminism videos at Fine Arts School of Nord-Pas de Calais. Based in France and Korea, she is currently working on films and videos with an interest in how a woman can represent their political voices in patriarchal society.

  • KIM Moon-kyung.jpg
    KIM Moon-kyung(Producer)

    KIM Moon-kyung studied literature in a college and a graduate school. She has made literature and performing arts that go beyond the boundaries of various genres. She won ‘Rookie Award, in the 21st Century Literary Award for Poetry Category’ in 2015, and ‘'Women Leaders Making Change for author in Korean Foundation For Women’ in 2017. She writes poems and plays, organizes art festivals and film festivals and produces documentaries. In particular, in terms of films, her focus is on continuous alternative screening projects and producing documentaries. is her second project with PARKKANG A-reum after their first project (2016).