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Biz Talk

Asking potential of co-productions between Asian countries

- Introduction
The process of finding potential projects and developing them is also important to make great documentaries. However, the prerequisite to make these projects as complete contents is cooperation between various professionals in the industry. Likewise, cooperation throughout the industry, beyond the networks between directors, production and broadcasting companies, is essential in co-production. BODA MEDIA GROUP, which produced Here Comes Uncle Joe, Reach for the SKY, has co-produced two projects - God Bliss Our Home(Nawruz Paguidopon, Philippines), which has awarded Asian ‘Doc Spirit Award’ at Docs Port Incheon 2014 and Stammering Ballad (Nan Zhang, China), of which the director participated in A-pitch also in 2014 - and completed post production with MEDIACT and KT&G SangSangMaDang from Korea. With partners involved in these two projects, this talk will examine the potential of co-production between Asian countries.
Date/Time :
4 November 2018 / 14:30 – 15:20

Venue :
Diamond Hall (2F), Olympos Hotel

Speaker :
CHOI Woo-Young (Producer, Boda Media Group)

KIM Hyung-hee (Colorist, KT&G SangSangMaDang Cine Lab)

PYO Yong-soo (Sound Supervisor, MEDIACT)

Moderator :
AHN Bo-young (Producer, Docs Port Incheon)