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Biz Talk

Potential of crowd funding: Developing audiences from the production stage

- Introduction
Crowd funding refers to a way of financing from many investors through online platforms. Recently in Korea, there are more ‘investment-type’ crowd funding for films which distributes profits according to box-office record, than ‘reward-type’, giving out goods in return for funding. Wadiz is a representative crowd funding platform which has experimented the potential of investment-type funding through commercial films. Brian YOON will talk about the investment-type crowd funding, which is not only to finance a project from a large number of investors who recognize the potential of it, rather than to be financed by governments, but also the funding itself acting as a system developing future audiences.
Date/Time :
3 November 2018 / 16:10-16:30

Venue :
Diamond Hall (2F), Olympos Hotel

Speaker :
Brian YOON (CBO, Wadiz)

Moderator :
JO Ji-hoon (Executive Committee, Docs Port Incheon)