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Asian Documentary Forum Round Table

- Introduction
Recently, various forms of documentary pitching events are held regularly in Asian countries including India, China, Japan and Korea and getting attention from the documentary specialists of the world. With the joining of Indonesia from this year, it covers the entire region including East Asia, Southeast Asia and India. This situation reflects the growing global interest in Asian documentaries and the efforts to develop documentaries in each region, but at the same time, moreover, it also raises the questions of how Asian documentaries will connect and develop together. In this session, the representatives from each regions such as Docs Port Incheon, Tokyo Docs, CCDF, DocedgeKolkata and newly created Docs by the Sea gather together to share their situation and cooperate to seek for development of Asian documentary all together.
Date/Time :
3rd Nov(Fri),2017/14:30–16:00

Venue :
Diamond Hall 2F, Olympos Hotel

Speaker :
Leh-Chyun LIN (COO, CNEX Studio Corp.)

Imamura KENICHI (Executive Committee, Tokyo Docs)

Nilotpal MAJUMDAR (Director, DocedgeKolkata)

Amelia HAPSARI (Program Director, Docs by the Sea)

KANG Seok-pil (Executive Manager, Docs Port Incheon)

- Companies
CCDF(CNEX Chinese Documentary Forum)
CNEX Chinese Documentary Forum (CCDF) is a professional platform created to support documentary filmmaking. Modeled after international documentary pitching forums, CCDF connects Chinese filmmakers with international commissioning editors, buyers or funders in order to facilitate international co-production.

Tokyo Docs
Tokyo Docs is Japan's premier international documentary pitching forum to support international co-productions. We provide Filmmakers of Japan and Asia with opportunities to find overseas partners and to dispatch their programs worldwide.

Docs by the Sea
Docs by the Sea is an international documentary forum for creative documentary projects with the focus of Southeast Asia. It is an excellent platform to network, obtain industry insights, and get your projects funded and distributed.

DocedgeKolkata is a platform to foster co-production opportunities for creative independent documentary filmmakers of Asian region. The forum also includes screenings, seminars and high quality Master Classes by renowned filmmakers.

Docs Port Incheon
Docs Port Incheon is an Asian documentary project market introducing the potential creative documentaries in Korea and other Asian counties. It shows approximately 30 original and potential documentary projects from talented Asian filmmakers. DPI invites documentary projects in every stage of production. Any Asian and Korean talented producers will be able to take part in Docs Port Incheon.