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The Applicant Confirmed
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Confirmation of Accreditation for Docs Port Incheon 2018

Privacy Notice on the collection, use and provision of your personal information

DOCS PORT INCHEON 2018 believes it is important to inform you, the information providers, about how we will use your personal data according to the Privacy Act and its relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, we encourage you to read this Privacy Notice carefully and to click agree if you understand and agree to the collection, use and provision of your personal information.

  • 1. Personal Information: Name, Affiliation, Address, Cell phone Number, Contact Info, Email Address
  • 2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information: To publish personal information on the official website and official publications by Docs Port Incheon, and open to the persons concerned, for the sake of smooth operation of Docs Port Incheon 2018.
  • 3. Retention and Use Period of the Personal Information: One Year (Before the hosting of next year)

Consent form to Retention of Personal Information (Optional)

Docs Port Incheon 2018, under the related laws and regulations, would like to receive and accept your agreement to the collection of personal information from you, the information subject, as above personal information collection and use agreement.
Apart from our Privacy Policy, we would like to keep your information submitted when applying for participation both for the benefit of the event and for your accommodation. Information Archive will be used only when you apply for the participation to Doc Port Incheon 2018, and we do not use it for another purpose nor provide third parties.
This is not necessary for your application, so it is possible to continue your application process, even if you do not agree. If you do not agree to this term, your information will be discarded after we keep it for one year according to the existing regulations and rules. This means that you should re-submit all your information when you apply for participation to the festival next year.

Please read these terms and conditions above carefully, fully understand and voluntarily make your decision among the followings