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    • 2019.05.21
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    Dear documentary comrades in Asia

    Dear documentary comrades in Asia,   Hereby we reluctantly announce that Incheon Film Commission will not continue to host Docs Port Incheon. This is very sad and disappointing for us to tell this. But we know well it will disappoint you documentary makers much more.   DPI was launched in 2014 with great success and had the 5th edition last year. Almost every Korean documentary filmmaker welcome it and participated enthusiastically from the very beginning. Asian filmmakers have been also greatly keen to be a part of DPI. To help realize their dreams, DPI team have done their best to secure every available resource. And not a few people and companies came to join the efforts. From post-production companies to cinemas, funds and investors, broadcasters, marketers, sound labs, film festivals and even music composers held out their hands. Accordingly, many of the outstanding projects have been cultivated and supported through DPI and made great achievements. We feel greatly proud of them.   But we have to say that we recognized the fact that we cannot keep doing these wonderful things anymore. Securing all the resources, managing workforces in due way, balancing every program that Incheon Film Commission is doing, all these things have been always big challenges to us. Furthermore, the general manager Seokpil KANG has serious health issues so that he should take a long break. Considering all these things seriously, we finally reached a conclusion that we cannot hold DPI in the future. Greatly sorry for this.   But never to be too much disappointed please. Even though we stop here, another good arena is coming. It’ll be probably even bigger. It is DMZ Docs Industry. They will launch a new forum which is so comprehensive that all the programs that DPI has done will be included in the scheme. We feel a bit relieved with this. You will be able to find out good chances there to realize your dreams. We wish you all good luck and hope to meet again at another places.   Docs Port Incheon Team
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    • 2018.11.12
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    [DPI2018] Winner of Docs Port Incheon! Attach File 

    The Most Notable Documentary Project Market in Asia, Docs Port Incheon 2018 wrapped up with great success and well received by the Film Industry Professionals!     ● Unveiled a total of 30 Korean and Asian projects, the professionals of the film, broadcasting, and documentary expressed the satisfaction about the high-quality projects with various themes ● Total of 488, record-breaking business meetings was held ● Over 1,300 man-days of professionals and guests participated from more than 180 of companies and organizations related to film, broadcasting, and documentary from home and abroad ● Announced the 44 winners in 19 categories for the awards and in-kind supports ● The Biz Talk with various topics including the overseas distribution of Korean documentary and the post-production process received favorable praises. ● The participants of ‘Masterclass for Editors & Directors,’ the new program launched this year, expressed great satisfaction with participation rate.   Docs Port Incheon 2018 - the Asian Documentary Project Market held for four days at the Olympos Hotel Incheon from November 1st to 4th, ended in highly favorable attention from the professionals of the domestic and international documentary, broadcasting, and film industry. It began with the new program of this year, ‘Master Class for Young Producers’ and ‘Master Class for Editors & Directors’, followed by ‘Asian Project Pitch,' ‘Korean Project Pitch,' ‘Nordic Project Pitch,’ and ‘Rough Cut Sales Presentations.’ With these sessions, a total of 37 documentary projects were unveiled.   The directors and producers of the projects had their passionate pitch and lively Q & A with panels, who were the decision makers from domestic and overseas investment firms, distribution companies, and broadcasting companies. A total of 488 individual meetings, a new record, were held during the business meeting session after the pitching, including on-site arrangements as well as the preliminary applications. This significant increase in the number of meetings per project comparing to the last year’s 377 meetings confirmed that Docs Port Incheon has been growing and positioning itself as a substantial market.   This year, a total of over 1,300 professionals from more than 180 companies and organizations including 60 leading decision makers of the film, broadcasting, and documentary in Korea and abroad. The number of participants of the on-site programs such as Biz Talk and Pitching set the new record.   After ‘Rough Cut Sales Presentation’ ended on the evening of 4th, the closing ceremony followed with the award ceremony announcing the winners of 24 categories including the projects for the in-kind supports. For this year, more projects including A-Pitch received the benefits of production and other supports than last year, as more companies joined the festival along with the companies that had been providing the various supports.   This year, a total of 44 projects in 19 categories were selected as winners and in-kind support projects. <206 Unearthened> by HEO Cheol-nyung won the Best Korean Project (KRW 25,000,000), by Hnin Ei Hlaing won the Best Asian Project (KRW 25,000,000), and by WANG Min-cheol and by YI Seung-jun jointly won the Best Rough Cut Project (KRW 20,000,000). In the Best Nordic project, by Kristian Petri of Sweden was selected. The Doc Spirit Award went to by JUNG Jae-hoon, by Nishtha Jain, and by Fan WU, the project best reflecting the spirit of the documentary. by LEE Ko-woon won the Best Young Korean Director’s Project (KRW 10,000,000) as well as the Contents Panda Award (KRW 20,000,000), the new award established this year. by YI Seung-jun also won the CGV Arthouse Award (KRW 20,000,000). Also, various in-kind support projects including the digital post-production, advertising design, promotional marketing, music and sound, and the theatrical release were selected and announced.   The directors and producers of the 37 films and the professionals from home and abroad gave favorable comments on Docs Port Incheon that it is a valuable business platform functioning as a great networking site as well as the most notable and successful documentary market in Asia. The participants also praised the efficient and practical business space and the Festival area, how well they were managed for the participants and decision makers. The decision makers applauded the high-quality work and great potential of this year’s projects from Korea and Asia. New programs launched this year, such as ‘Master Class for Young Producers’ and ‘Master Class for Editors & Directors’ with practical curriculum, gathered very satisfying feedback from all the participants even though it was a 2-day program and five BizTalk programs designed to provide maximum information in a short amount of time received positive feedback in general.   Please check the details of the winners and in-kind support projects of Docs Port Incheon 2018 at the official website and contact the Docs Port Incheon Office for more information. Thank you.
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    • 2018.08.20
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    [Docs Port Incheon 2018] Announcement of the line-up of 29 projects

    Docs Port Incheon 2018, Announcement of the line-up of 29 projects! We are finally finish to select all Asian Document We informed 8 finalists of Korean Projects Pitching(K-Pitch) and 11 Rough Cut Sales projects last week. We now have 10 more Asian projects on Asian project Pitching(A-Pitch) for coming Docs Port Incheon 2018. Last but not least, we will inform 1 more Asian project from CNEX/CCDF(Chinsese Doc Forum). We appreciate all your submission with precious projects. ary projects. Docs Port Incheon 2018 will be held between 1st - 4th November at the Olympos Hotel Incheon. For more detailed information, please keep your eyes on the website.      
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    • 2018.08.03
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    Announcement for the 1st part of the DPI 2018’s finalists

    Announcement for the 1st part of the DPI 2018’s finalists   While Docs Port Incheon (DPI) 2018 has been opened the submission for three sections for the pitches,  two of the sections that are ‘Korean Project Pitch(K-Pitch)’ and ‘Rough Cut Sales(RCS)’ just finished the selection.   8 Documentaries for ‘Korean Project Pitch(K-Pitch)’  11 Documentaries for ‘Rough Cut Sales(RCS)’ are made the finalist of the DPI 2018!   Sadly we can’t invite all the project that submitted because of the limited slot,  Docs Port Incheon would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the creators who introduced their precious projects to DPI 2018.   The selected ‘Korean Project Pitch(K-Pitch)’ and ‘Asian Project Pitch(A-Pitch)’ projects will be invited to Docs Lab which provides educational programs for developing their projects tutoring by international/Korean experts in the field of documentary film-making/industry.    Especially this year, the period of Docs Lab is extended a day longer,  so total 4 nights and 5 days of group/one-on-one tutoring sessions will be offered for practical help in project development.    And the finalists for ‘Asian Project Pitch(A-Pitch)’ that are not yet announced will go public in mid-August.  We hope you be back and check it out soon!    The DPI 2018 pitching market will be held on November 1st to 4th at the Olympos Hotel Incheon.  And more detailed information about the selected projects and events will be released step by step on our official website.  Please keep your eyes on coming DPI 2018! Thank you.     
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    • 2018.07.05
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    [Notice] Extending the due date for Application of 2018 projects (~13 July)

    Docs Port Incheon 2018 Extending the due date for project applications (~13 July)   We extend project submission due date for a week for all three categories – Korean Project Pitch (K-pitch), Asian Project Pitch(A-Pitch) and Rough Cut Sales by 11:59 PM 13th Friday, July (KST).   The online submission system will be officially closed at 11:59 PM 13th Friday, July (KST). Please don’t leave it until very last moment!   Apply here:   Also please remember it is important to hit the ‘Submit’ Button. Your entry is not complete until you have submitted it in.   Thank you. *** Asian Documentary Project Market Docs Port Incheon 2018 2018.11.01. ~ 11.04.  
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    • 2018.05.01
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    [DPI 2018] Call for the creative Asian documentary projects!(18 June~13 July, deadline extended) Attach File 

    Call for the creative Asian documentary projects!   Docs Port Incheon 2018 Announcement for the schedule and submission     - November 1 to 4, 2018 at Olympos Hotel, Incheon, S. Korea - The largest scale of decision-makers will participate this year - Online submission will be available from June 18th to July 6th at the official website for 3 categories  - Asia Project Pitch (A-Pitch), Korea Project Pitch(K-Pitch), and Rough Cut Sales   A must-go market/forum for Asian documentaries, Docs Port Incheon 2018 will be held at Olympos Hotel (former Paradise Hotel Incheon) from November 1 to 4 and is finding for the most outstanding documentary projects from every corner of the Asian region.    Docs Port Incheon(DPI) is a place to provide Asian documentary creators with the opportunity to meet the professionals from diverse fields of documentary industry, as well as to get funded. DPI has been rapidly growing to become one of the most important documentary projects market in Asia.    At last year’s event, 31 Korean/Asian documentary projects were unveiled while more than 920 participants from around 103 Korean/international broadcasters, distributors, funds, and institutes were attending. And during the event, 379 biz meetings are achieved! The pitched projects have garnered lots of attention and praise from Korean/international professionals with each project’s diversified topic and its in-depth approach.    In that way, through last year's event, Docs Port Incheon has strengthened its position as an efficient business market where creators and industry professionals can get practical supports. And this year's Docs Port Incheon will go broader and deeper to reach more creators and industry professionals to find new and potential projects and nourish it.   First of all, this year’s Docs Port Incheon builds up the ‘Docs Lab’ program more intensively. It’s a one month earlier training session and for the development of the projects in the aspect of storytelling, method of approach, structure and pitching itself. World famous documentary professionals will be invited as the tutors and will give invaluable feedbacks to each project. Of course, it will be a fantastic time for the participants to know each other and become friends. The session is open to the participants from selected projects of all categories.    Secondly, this year’s Docs Port Incheon will provide opportunities for broader international exchanges by hosting a special pitching section in connection with ‘Nordisk Panorama Forum’ for Nordic producers along with K-Pitch, A-Pitch and Rough Cut Sales sections.   At the same time, the larger scale of decision makers from all around the world will be invited to Docs Port Incheon 2018. Especially, more new decision makers from Asian regional broadcasters will be joining this year. We hope to provide a broader and greater opportunity for participants through these new initiatives.   Docs Port Incheon 2018, which aims to become the hub of the Asian documentary industry, will cover all the documentaries on all stages of production from planning to near completion. The selected projects will be pitched at the event after further development work through the 'Docs Lab' mentioned above.    Now we are eagerly looking for the most enthusiastic Asian documentary filmmakers with their own unique and creative projects. Non-Korean Asian projects are eligible for A-pitch. And the projects which once was invited to former DPI and finished the production can apply for Rough Cut Sales section too.   Submission will be available from June 18th to July 13th at our official website ( Please find attached 'Submission regulation' for more details of the open call. Never hesitate to catch the chance to make your project stunningly developed and get through to the decision makers!   ※ The official website is now under revision. More information about this year's event can be found after the homepage update. ※ All kinds of the cash and in-kind support will be announced later in a separate notice. ※ Please contact the project team for all inquiries.   E: / P: (+82)70-4488-5491   *** Asian Documentary Project Market / Docs Port INCHEON 2018 2018.11.01 ~ 11.04 SUBMISSION PERIOD 18th, JUNE. 2018 - 13th, JUL, 2018 [DEADLINE EXTENDED]  
    • 2017.11.09
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    [DPI2017] Winner of Docs Port Incheon! Attach File 

    • 2017.11.06
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    Winners of Docs Port Incheon 2017!!!

    • 2017.10.29
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    Docs Port Incheon 2017 starts on November 2nd!

    • 2017.08.28
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    DPI2017 announced the Line-up of 31 Projects! Attach File 

    • 2017.07.28
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    [Notice] Extending the due date for Application of 2017 projects (~7/29)

    • 2017.07.19
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    Docs Port Incheon 2017 announces Awards!

    • 2017.07.03
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    2017 Asian Project Pitch (A-Pitch)/ Rough Cut Sales Application Form Preview Attach File 

    • 2017.06.20
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    Call for the creative Asian documentary projects! Attach File 

    • 2016.11.07
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    List of Winners of Docs Port Incheon 2016 Attach File 

    • 2016.09.29
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    Docs Port Incheon 2016 Registration and Accreditation