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  • 1What is a documentary market?

    Q1.What does Docs Port Incheon do?
    A Docs Port Incheon is a documentary project market, which targets at documentary experts. Producers introduce their incomplete projects to buyers, so as to receive investment for production and releasing, to meet partners for co-production and to pre-sale. That is to say, in Docs Port Incheon, an one-stop platform, you can do all your business for your project in the entire fields of documentary investment, production, distribution and international sales
    Q2.What is the difference between Docs Port Incheon and other production support?
    A Production support is to offer an amount of prizes. Docs Port Incheon is not an event for prizing, but a ‘market’ to support your business. Docs Port Incheon is the business field where you meet domestic and international investors, Broadcasters, distributors and cinemas, so that you can receive investment for your projects or you can sell or buy documentary contents. The funding of Docs Port Incheon is our system in terms of invigorating documentary investment and co-production. Pitching is an important method to introduce documentary projects effectively. Please see the details in the Q & A explaining what pitching is.
    Q3.Who will come to the Market?
    A Documentary filmmakers, producers, specialists in the content industry as well as decision-makers including buyers and investors, who have decision-making authority for investment, purchase and sales, looking for decent documentaries, will come to the Market. Every year, Docs Port Incheon invites the decision makers from the leading Broadcasters, distributors, investment and organizations in the world. In 2017, 10 specialists in Korean companies and 14 international decision-makers came to participate in our market. And also in 2018, influential Korean and international decision-makers will visit Docs Port Incheon. The list is to be announced.

    List of Decision Makers(DM), 2017

    Q4.Is it possible to sign the agreement, when I participate in the Market?
    A It depends on each project’s conditions, but generally speaking, the contract or agreement is not signed at the market. The market offers the opportunities for buyers and sales companies to meet each other. It takes some time until one project is to be signed after they meet at the market. Through consistent communication and negotiation, your agreement will be signed when you show your confidence to decision makers in terms of the creator’s abilities, feasibility of your project and your producing procedure.
    Q5.What is eligibility for participation?
    A Eligibility depends on each section in Docs Port Incheon. Please see the details on our terms and conditions for application.

    A-PITCH Regulation
    Rough Cut Sales Regulation
  • 2How to Apply for Docs Port Incheon

    Q1.I consider releasing my documentary domestically and selling it internationally. Which section should I apply for?
    A Docs Port Incheon has total 3 sections. You should make your own decision, depending on which part you place priority.
    K-PITCH targets at Korean projects mainly aiming for the domestic investment and distribution in terms of Korean theatrical distribution and TV releasing. Thus, many Korean decision makers will join here.
    A-Pitch targets at the Asian projects excluding Korean. These projects aim for international co-production or international sales, so international decision makers are highly interested in them.
    Rough Cut Sales works for the Korean feature documentaries in their post-production, which have not been released or broadcasted. Any Asian projects that have ever participated into Docs Port Incheon previously also can apply for Rough Cut Sales.
    Q2. I have never made a documentary. Can I apply for Docs Port Incheon?
    A YES, YOU CAN. Anyone like a new filmmaker, a director or a producer can apply for it. Feature filmmakers and producers also can apply for Docs Port Incheon. The most important thing is that you show your potential and ability to complete your project.
    Q3. I have pitched and been supported by another institution. Can I also apply for Docs Port Incheon?
    A Of course, YOU CAN. Although you have been awarded by any kind of national fund, private fund or festival prizes, you have no problem to apply for Docs Port Incheon. Though you have pitched your project at any other pitching program, it is totally fine to pitch at Docs Port Incheon.
    Q4. I would like to apply for Rough Cut Sales, but my film has been screened at a film festival. Would it be permissible for me to apply for Rough Cut Sales?
    A Rough Cut Sales is for the films which have not been released or broadcasted. Festival screenings do not count, but if your film is already sold, you cannot participate into Rough Cut Sales. If your project meets this condition, you can participate into Rough Cut Sales even in case that you have your distributor.
    Q5. I have participated to Docs Port Incheon before. Can I apply again?
    A If you have the same project selected for the final pitching programs, it is not possible to apply for the same section. If your project was not selected at the main pitching program, you can have more chance to apply for Docs Port Incheon.
    Q6. Can one person submit multiple projects?
    A One applicant can apply for different sections with multiple projects. But you cannot apply for multiple sections with one project. A series or a trilogy is considered one project, so one episode out of a series cannot be separately submitted to different sections.
    Q7. When is the due date for application? How can I apply for it?
    A Online application is available from June 18(Mon) to July 13(Fri) 2018 on Docs Port Incheon website. Please visit our application webpage at Submission and fill out the form properly. Remember you should fill in all the materials required. In case that you skip any items such as English logline and synopsis, the application will not be accepted. Please read the details for application. Please understand that we do not accept any application by dropping or via post.

    A-PITCH Regulation
    Rough Cut Sales Regulation
    Q8. Should I submit the Confirmation Letter of Casting Agreement?
    A This document is not mandatory. Since this document proves that you are shooting your film without any problem under the agreement, however, it will plant a strong trust to the juries during the screening process. If your condition is not allowed, you can submit it after you become one of the final selections.
    Q9. Should I submit the treatment besides synopsis?
    A It will be more beneficial for you to submit both synopsis and treatment as possible as you can. Synopsis contains the whole story of your project, while treatment explains the specific flow of the story. The latter shows what structure your project has and how the events go in each phase. The treatment should not be too specific or lengthy, but it will be very helpful if you prepare for both so as to effectively show your story and plot.
    Q10. I do not have my trailer since my project is on its initial stage. What can I do?
    A A trailer is mandatory when you apply for Docs Port Incheon. The trailer is the most effective method to show how your project will be visualized. Please remember that 3 minute trailer will be not less important than 100 word introduction. If you are selected for the final, you should present your trailer at the main pitching.
    Q11. What is disadvantage, if I do not submit my portfolio?
    A There is no disadvantage for not submitting portfolio. Sometimes buyers do inquire your portfolio when they have a hard time to find out the directing or producing style of a director or a producer only by project proposal. It will be very helpful to prepare for your portfolio when you are asked to submit it.
    Q12. What is the difference between the prize and the fund?
    A Docs Port Incheon awards the prizes in terms of public funding to the effect that we support decent documentary productions. We invite reliable juries for the fair review, and award the best project in each section. Award & Fund list
    The fund, hereby, means ‘production investment,’ which is operated by individual investors, distributors, broadcasters and organizations. They run the fund for profit-making purposes unlike the public prizes, so they invest a project and recoup their principal from the total profit amount according to their investment conditions. Since the contract conditions vary, you should check out the detailed terms and conditions of each fund and firm that you like to join. The buyers and the decision makers from diverse investment firms, distributors, channels, funding firms visit Docs Port Incheon.
    Q13. Can I change the document to submit?
    A You can save and change your information and materials while our online application is available. After the deadline(Aug 20) is over, you cannot change them.
    Q14. Is project and personal information open to the public?
    A If you are selected for the final pitching, the basic information of your project including a picture of the project, synopsis, project statement, pictures of a director or a producer will be open at Docs Port Incheon website and in our catalogue book. Your contact information for business, your treatment and trailer will be limitedly open to industry experts including decision makers in Docs Port Incheon.
    If you participate in our event, your registering information including name, company, position, contact info and picture will be open in our catalogue book. During the event, Docs Port Incheon will have official makings by photography and video. We would like to inform that our official makings can be used for the promotional purposes.
  • 3About Assessment

    Q1.What is the process of assessment?
    A It depends on each section.
    K-PITCH will have the document assessment first. The project selection committee will decide the projects for the interview, based on the submitted document. The second assessment is the interview. A director and a producer will have the interview with the selection committee members. Either a director or a producer can participate in the interview, if you have a hard time to adjust your schedule. But we recommend that both participate in the interview. The final result will be announced individually to the select projects and on our website during the 3rd week of August.

    A-PITCH and Rough Cut Sales will screen your document and video clip. There is no interview in these two sections.

    Q2.What should I prepare for, if my project is selected for the final?
    A The participants who pass the interview should join the pre-program including Training.
    Training is our educating program. We invite the best domestic and international documentary specialists for it. Training has so tight a schedule that you might feel it is dense but it will be a great opportunity to develop your project and to prepare for the better project-pitching.
    Pitching will be opened while our Docs Port Incheon is held from November 1 to November 4. You will have a great opportunity to pitch your own projects in front of the 200 film and TV industry professionals.The schedule for pitching is as followsSchedule
    If you are selected for the final, you should take part in all the programs above. We will inform you of the specific schedule and content individually.
  • 4About Pitching

    Q1.What is pitching?
    A Pitching a project means that you effectively introduce your project including your trailer in front of domestic and international buyers from various fields. At Docs Port Incheon, you make your pitching in front of approximately 200 professionals. Each project has 15 minutes to pitch; you have 7 minutes to introduce your project; 8 minutes for Q&A. First of all, a director and a producer come up to the stage to introduce a project. The moderator hosts the Q&A session with the decision makers on the panel.
    Q2.What is the difference between pitching and interviews or presentation assessment for production support?
    A The interviews or the presentation assessment for production support imply that the applicants should compete each other, and also that the juries select the final project for the funding.
    Pitching, rather than competition, is both the window and the way for every select project to share various opportunities for necessary business. To pitch a project targets at the industry professionals including investors, broadcasters, distributors and cinemas, instead of juries. The content creators and the specialists on the equal footing have opportunities to do their business. Therefore, the result of pitching is not simply funding, but practical business itself with the infinite possibilities.
    Q3.How and where is pitching going in Docs Port Incheon?
    A Docs Port Incheon 2018 will be held at Olympos Hotel(Previous. Paradise Hotel Incheon) as it waslast year. Pitching will be performed in front of the content industry professionals in open spaces. Please refer to the pictures from the previous pitching programs so as to understand the on-the-spot atmosphere. Photos’of last year
  • 5Inquiries for Participating Events

    Q1.Can anyone go into the events?
    A Our main event is the special market for industry professionals. Therefore, you need to register for the main event in advance. You do not have to be in the documentary field or industry. We welcome independent creators including directors and producers as well as industry specialists in the field of TV stations, investment firms, productions, distributors, post-production units, festivals, film-related media, visual content-related organizations, institutions and unions, and also museums. Pre-registering is available on our website.
    Q2.How do we get badges?
    A You should make your registration before the market, and please use our website to register. In case you could not register online inevitably, please bring your ID card or name card to the desk. We will issue your badge after we confirm identification, in case that you are a content industry insider.
    Q3.How can I join the business meeting?
    A The business meeting means a one-on-one meeting of decision makers and project holders after pitching their projects. They can discuss specific investment situations or conditions which they could not question during the open pitching. The participants can have a chance to show their shooting source which they could not display due to the time limit. The business meeting is an additional time to explain your projects. The project participants and the decision makers in Docs Port Incheon have priority to apply for the business meetings. Our matchmakers will deliver the project materials to the decision makers, and recommend the most proper meeting partners to the producers.
    Q4.How long can I use the Business Meeting Room?
    A Biz Desk will be open from November 1 to November 4, and you can apply for a business meeting room at the Desk.
    Q5.Can anyone use the preview room?
    A The preview room opens for pre-sales of the documentary projects. This room is only available for the Decision Maker and Buyer badge holders.